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    Case Studies

    Advantage Healthcare has a wealth of experience caring for people with a variety of needs in their own homes. Below are some examples of the levels of care that we have provided.

    Wedding Care Case Study - Nancy

    Nancy* is a pleasant lady in her early 90’s who lives on her own in South East Surrey. She has a little trouble with her mobility, therefore uses a wheelchair and a walking frame to help her get around. Read more

    Sleeping Night Care - Jayne

    Jayne* is a sociable 87 year old lady who lives independently in her home, which is attached to her Daughter’s house in Glasgow. She is very active during the day, spending time with her family, but at night feels very lonely and vulnerable. Read more

    Waking Night Care - Mr Coates

    Mr Coates* is a gentleman in his late 80’s who has recently been diagnosed with Dementia. He also suffers respiratory issues and arthritis. Due to deterioration in his condition, Mr Coates had started to wake during the night and become disorientated and confused. Read more

    Complex Care - Kate

    Kate* is a lively, sociable 26 year old who lives in Ipswich. Kate suffers from a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which affects the muscles and causes wastage of muscle tissue. As a result of this illness Kate is wheelchair dependant, hoisted by a ceiling track hoist, needs all her personal care taken care of and assistance with eating and drinking. Read more

    Hospital to Home - Mr & Mrs Claridge

    Mr and Mrs Claridge* live together in their family home in Bedfordshire, Cambridge. Their Daughter contacted Advantage Healthcare after both Mr and Mrs Claridge were admitted to Hospital and needed support to return home. Read more

    Personal Care - Susan

    Susan* is 94 years old and is a very fail woman who suffers from short term memory loss. Susan currently lives in a nursing home in the Midlands but has regular visits from her family. Susan’s family were attending her grand daughters wedding in London and wanted her to be there, but with her frail condition they thought it couldn’t be possible. Read more

    Personal Care - Margaret

    Margaret* is an elderly lady who lives alone in a modest house in Scotland. As a mother of three, she has lived a busy and active life however; as she has aged, everyday tasks have become increasingly difficult for her. Margaret’s daughter-in-law, Elaine*, had become concerned about her mother-in-law’s well-being after discovering that she was unable to prepare food herself and had subsequently skipped meals. Read more

    Live-in Care - Henry

    Henry* was a kind 82 year old gentleman who lived in Central Ipswich, Suffolk with his 50 year old daughter, Marie*.Suffering from terminal liver failure and encephalitis, Henry needed full-time care which Marie provided, and had done so for some time. Read more

    Holiday Care - Meet David

    David* is 79 years old and lives in sheltered housing in the Birmingham area. As quite a reclusive gentleman, David has no close friends and lost touch with his family many years ago. As a result of his old age, David is quite frail and has to use a frame and a wheelchair to get around. Read more

    Palliative Care for Michael

    Michael* was a 65 year old successful businessman who resided with his devoted wife, Annette*, in a large house in Worcester. After being diagnosed with throat cancer six years previously, Michael had exceeded all of his Doctors’ predictions about his life expectancy. He required support with daily living, including help managing his tracheostomy. As his condition had progressed, Annette had become Michael’s 24 hour Carer. Read more

    Live-in Care for Olivia

    Olivia* is a lovely 86 year old lady who lives in a detached house in Sussex. Suffering from a multitude of illnesses and injuries, including Dementia, Alzheimers and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), living alone had become very difficult for her. Read more

    Social Companionship for Adam

    Adam* is a lively 22 year old who lives at home with his parents in Brighton. As an infant, Adam appeared a very healthy and happy child, however, at the age of 16 months he began to have regular seizures. At 2 years old, Adam commenced anti-convulsant therapy but unfortunately his convulsions increased between the ages of 5 and 9. Read more

    Complex Care for Joe

    Joe* is in his sixties and lives at home with his wife, Carol*. Joe suffers from Motor Neurone Disease and as a result of this illness, his condition is likely to continuously deteriorate. Whilst Carol is able to support wherever possible, due to the level of care Joe needs, additional support is required. Before the initial enquiry to Advantage Healthcare Group, Joe was supported by Marie Curie and another healthcare agency. Read more

    Hospital to Home for Betty

    Betty*, a kind lady in her late 70s, currently lives in a small cottage with her husband in Saffron Walden, Cambridgeshire. Following complex hip replacement surgery, Betty’s husband, Michael*, became concerned for her well-being as she was soon due to be discharged from hospital, and another homecare agency had let them down at the last minute. Read more

    Respite Care - Sam

    Sam* is a 92 year old gentleman who lives with his son and daughter-in-law. He is fit and healthy but does suffer with age related conditions, such as stiffness in his joints. Although he is able to manage certain tasks independently, Sam does rely on the support of his family for activities of daily living, particularly food preparation as the food is stored in a downstairs basement, which is accessed via some steep stairs. Read more


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